Why KEEO Genius?

Revolutionary Damage Prevention

Our patented curved plates reduce the direct heat on your hair meaning that there's no dragging, judder, hairfall or dryness.

Natural, Radiant Finish

Straighten, curl and wave your hair with volume and bounce. Get a look that's shiny and smooth, not flat and lifeless.

Safe For Daily Use

Safe to use every day without drying out your hair or the risk of hair breakage. Suitable for coloured, damaged or naturally fine hair.

Wave goodbye to damage from flat plate straighteners, say hello to beautiful, healthier hair with KEEO Genius.

Discover the World’s Kindest Hair Straightener

What Heat Tools Do To Your Hair

Regular use of traditional heat styling tools can wreak havoc on your hair. From stripping its natural moisture to causing split ends and breakage, the excessive heat alters the hair's protein structure. Over time, this not only weakens the hair strands but also fades its natural shine and vibrancy. Investing in the right heat tool, like KEEO, can help you style with confidence, ensuring your hair stays healthy, resilient, and radiant.

"These new straighteners are giving my GHDs a run for their money"

"For anyone that wants sleeker lengths with bounce and movement, this is a brilliant investment."

"I love KEEO's Genius Smart-Glide Straightener as it gives a flawless but not flat finish"

"It has taken years of testing and hundreds of prototypes to create the 'Goldilocks' of hair straighteners... KEEO's contoured plates allow JUST enough heat, JUST enough tension, JUST enough compression - to create beautifully smoothed hair without the excess heat and force used with traditional flat-plate styling."

Alfredo De Benedictis
Award-Winning Hairdresser, Serial Hair Tool Inventor & Co-Founder of KEEO.

Our Patented Air Gap

At the heart of KEEO's groundbreaking technology lies our patented Air Gap. This innovative feature ensures that hair isn't compressed flat between two plates, reducing direct heat damage. Instead, it allows for optimal heat distribution that styles your hair gently while preserving its natural integrity and shine.

Visible, Proven Results

An independent consumer study found that...

  • 84% said KEEO Genius made their hair feel smoother after use

  • 82% of people said that the KEEO Genius was less damaging on their hair

  • 85% of people said the KEEO Genius glided through their hair easily

  • 80% of people said that the KEEO Genius left their hair feeling cooler

  • After 3 Months, 82% of people had replaced using their hair tool with a KEEO Genius.