Tired of hair damage
and straighteners being
a drag (literally)?

Discover the world’s first hair straightener with curved plates for 50% less stress† on your hair

Zero ‘clamp’ feel 

Zero ‘judder’ or dragging

More volume in straight styles

More bounce in curls and waves

We know, so many brands say ‘no damage’ – but how often can you feel that a hair straightener is less damaging for yourself? 

For years, brands have been trying to improve flat-plate hair straighteners. But at KEEO we turned traditional thinking on its head, deconstructing the elements needed to create smooth, straight styles, to reimagine plates* that are so kind to your hair you’ll wonder why you’ve been ‘clamping’ it all these years.

*PS. You’ll notice our plates - like your hair after using KEEO - aren’t flat...

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Did you know that the fundamentals of hair straightening haven’t really evolved since 1839? Two hot, FLAT plates are squeezed together with tension, to smooth and straighten your hair through force. 

And damage? Impossible to avoid (despite clever marketing) due to the combination of stresses.

Until now.

With uniquely contoured plates and a precision air gap, KEEO Genius doesn’t ‘clamp’ hair like other straighteners. Smoothing the cuticle, without zapping the volume, for tamed hair that still has a lease for life.  

The 'Goldilocks' of hair straighteners... KEEO's contoured plates allow JUST enough heat, JUST enough tension, JUST enough compression - to create beautifully smoothed hair without the excess forces used with traditional flat-plate styling.

Alfredo De Benedictis
Hairdresser, Inventor & Co-Founder of KEEO.