Our Story

We believe that kindness is a transformative force, and that nurturing it within ourselves and others cultivates positive change. So, in our own small way, we aim to bring more kindness and care through the way we treat our hair for better long term hair health.

Meet Alfredo, Mark and Jan - the makers of KEEO

Creators, inventors and hair aficionados, Alfredo, Mark and Jan have been revolutionising heat styling behind-the-scenes for over 17 years, creating some of the world’s most loved heat tools such as the Curl Secret. The trio embarked on a journey to solve the age old problem facing all heat stylers- how to better care for and protect the health of your hair while using heat?

That’s why the world’s kindest straightener was invented. To find a kinder way to straighten, curl and wave that prioritises protecting the health of hair, without sacrificing results. It’s also why we’re called KEEO - it means care in Korean, the place where KEEO’s are made.

“The health of your hair is everything. No up-do, bob style, twist or waterfall of waves can look good, unless you start with healthy hair”