Frequently Asked Questions

Using the KEEO Genius

Yes, KEEO Genius is dual voltage 230V 110V. Currently we only stock with a UK plug, so country-specific power adaptors are required outside of the UK.

KEEO Genius is set to 190C, which we believe is the optimum temperature to style dry hair. It is cool enough to be gentle on all hair types, whilst being warm enough to create lasting style. Our air-gap also ensures the heat isn't forced into the hair, unlike flat-plate styling, meaning the hair is left cooler-to-the-touch versus other stylers working at 180°.

Please contact our customer services to discuss the issues you are having and arrange a collection if required.

Please unplug it from the mains and contact customer services.

Yes, after 20 (35?) minutes of not moving, it will go to sleep.

Build-up on your Genius plates is normal due to hair oils and styling products. To clean, wait until cool, then rub gently with a soft cloth. If further cleaning is needed, we recommend a gentle micellar water and soft cloth.

Titanium is an ideal coating for our patented technology plates, as it is super hard-wearing (meaning they stay perfectly formed) and gives the most even heat distribution across the plate surface.

Allow KEEO Genius to cool down fully on a heat-resistant surface before replacing them in their packaging or a safe place. To protect the cable, fold in an S curve rather than wrap it tightly around the KEEO's body. Always keep away from children.

Styling with KEEO Genius

KEEO Genius delivers beautiful, smooth, healthy-looking hair results; the effortless glide can mean you pass rapidly through the hair. One pass is usually enough, but try slowing down your speed until you get the desired finish you are after.

The unique patented contoured plates have a clever 'S curved' profile and a protective air gap between them. This gives just enough tension to beautifully smooth the hair without compressing it, reducing the pull/tension by 50% compared to the leading conventional straighteners. It also reduces direct heat contact, meaning you'll notice hair is cooler-to-the-touch immediately after styling.

Straightening your hair shouldn't mean you need to clamp and pull it - because this is what causes damage. KEEO Genius' delivers beautiful, smooth, healthy hair results while feeling so light, effortless, and frictionless it feels like it can't be working. The patented Smart-Glide technology features unique curved plates and an Airgap, which reduces compression (clamping) and halves the amount of tension (the 'pull'), which also results in hair feeling cooler to the touch after styling. If you want to get smoother results, try passing the styler through more slowly, as there is less resistance compared to conventional straighteners.

Less haste, more speed!

Yes. In addition to straightening, KEEO Genius is great for waves and curls. In fact, the plates and less tension make curling easy, bouncy and long-lasting. Sign up to our emails or follow our socials for style inspiration.

Yes, KEEO Genius is the world's kindest hair straightener, so it is gentle even on the finest and most delicate hair. And because it reduces tension and compression, it won’t flatten the life out of your hair, leaving it feeling fuller while beautifully smooth.

Yes, the KEEO Genius has been designed for maximum respect for the hair while giving easy, beautiful results. Its patented Smart-Glide System reduces all the stresses needed to heat style your hair to a minimum. As the world's kindest hair straightener, it's gentle even on damaged hair. Using 50% less tension means you'll feel and even HEAR how gentle it is, with the hair gliding through from root to tip compared to the pull and 'crackle' you might experience with flat-plate styling. And hair is cooler to the touch after styling because KEEO Genius is set at an optimal heat and isn't forced into the hair in the same way as flat plates. It's still important to take care of damaged hair using the right shampoos and conditioners and avoiding over-processing with chemicals.

Yes, KEEO Genius is brilliant on all hair types. Ensure you brush the hair before styling, style in smaller sections, and pass the styler slowly over each section. Due to 50% less tension, you may find the styler naturally wants to pass very quickly, so slowing down your speed will allow the plates to do their work. You'll get beautifully smooth hair.

Ensure your hair is clean and fully dry. Brush through and separate off a section of hair approx. 40mm wide. Place the straighteners at the root and, as you close the plates, immediately start to glide down the hair. Make sure you don't glide too quickly and keep a consistent, slow speed through to the ends for the best results.

Buying KEEO Products

Currently, KEEO Genius is only available at

On occasion, KEEO Genius do pop-ups across the UK where you can try KEEO Genius for yourself. Sign up to our emails to be the first to know when we're in your area.

Behind KEEO

The KEEO team all have many years of experience in the hairstyling world, consisting of a hairdresser/salon owner who’s also a serial inventor, and two industrial designers, as well as a leadership team from the world's leading hair and beauty brands.

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